trauma and your past can carry a lot in your life and have a mental barrier to get through. it is never easy and it just has to be conquered day by day. it is so important to reach out to those around you and have someone to confide in. you NEVER are alone. if you feel like you don’t know who to come to, i’m always here!
this piece was commissioned by an inspiring gal to serve a reminder for domestic violence. my heart breaks to anyone who has to deal with this. i couldn’t imagine the pain and confusion that lies behind each situation. but i can tell you this, i am so proud of you for overcoming this & it is never your fault for somebody else’s actions. 
i was speaking to her and asked if she would share a bit about what DV means to her and what she would tell anyone else that has gone through it... “I felt alone and I had no one to turn to for help because of all the nasty things that were said to me that I started to believe. It is not something I wouldn’t want anyone to heal from because it is draining in every way. For anyone who may need to hear it you are not alone, it is not your fault, it is never too late to start over, and you are not any less deserving of love.”
i love each and every one of you & your story inspires me to keep going and pursuing camspire. 





*hademade by camspire using sterling silver & a tiffany stone* 

out of the dark and into the light


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