New you, New Intentions


1. Journaling- Write a journal entry a day, a one sentence reflection of your day, daily gratitudes, or simply just one word that describes your mood! 

(Check out these journal prompts!)

2. Write a letter! - This is my favorite way to be intentional. I made a goal for 2019, to write one letter a day. Whether it be my mom ( who I miss dearly!), friends from home, or even my professors saying thank you for a great lecture. Just take 5 minutes to write a quick hello and you'd be surprised the impact it makes! 

3. Working Out- A walk in the park, an intense run, a leisurely swim. Just get your heart beating for at least 30 minutes! It will help with your overall mood, gratification and your overall health!

4. Be Daring!- Sit next to someone new, say hello to a stranger or say yes to an opportunity. The most challenging and beneficial opportunities never come easily, so take a step out and be brave! 

5. Take time for YOU! - Draw a picture, take a picture, watch your favorite movie. Do something that fills YOU up. Quit putting it off, even 5 minutes a day, Remember you are a priority too! 

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