Making the UNcomfortable the NEW comfortable

This past year I have been through a huge change in my life. I have moved away from home (Salt Lake City!!) and have started a new journey in my life. It has been full of new friends,adventures and so many new experiences. I have had to learn how to make being uncomfortable the new comfortable. I have realized it has been something that has been so challenging but I knew so many people go through the same transition in many aspects of their daily life without ever knowing it. Whether is walking into a new class, an interview or even meeting someone new. Its only a matter of what you tell yourself in order to allow new experiences and big changes in your life. No matter the environment remember, you add something special to every situation, you have a voice that deserves to be heard and you are the answer someone is seeking. I challenge you to go outside your comfort zone, and make yourself known! 


5 Tips I've Learned in the Past 5 Days 

1. Start your day with gratitude - when you start your day with things you are grateful for you prepare yourself for a day where only the positive is known 

2. Choose those you surround yourself with wisely - you are who you surround yourself with, so make sure it reflects on you wisely

3. Be grateful for the opportunity at hand- rather than be afraid of whats ahead of you, be grateful and make the most of it 

4. Be willing to fake it- sure you may not be comfortable, but don't let it hold you back. Pretend as though you know everything and your confidence will shine through. fake it until you make it! 

5. Quit seeking out others & let them come to you- while it is good to seek out friends/significant others, you cannot settle for what is at hand, you must put your trust in the Universe and let the right ones come to you

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