Slaying Those Stressors

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

" This too shall pass"


Allowing your emotions to be felt, heard and dealt with are some of the most important things. I give myself a 10-minute rule. When I feel an emotion that has gotten my attention, I ask myself these three questions...

1.Why is this emotion happening?

2.Can I learn something from this?

3.What can I do about it?

For 10 minutes I allow myself to feel what is going on and allow myself to ask questions and answer. Once my 10-minute mark has passed, I move on. I go work out or participate in a healthy coping skill. My negative emotions should never rule my day. If you lose $0.10 from your wallet does it impede on your bank account in the future? Nope. So why are you letting your emotions do the same to your future attitude?


Why are these emotions hitting you? I always tell myself that my emotions are blessing me with an emotional rollercoaster to have a reality check. Remember that when you are at rock bottom you can only go up. So why when you are at an all-time high do your emotions suddenly drop? It's because its giving you the opportunity to remember all of the good. It is a reminder to be grateful for the opportunity and joy in your life. So when you are frustrated and annoyed, take a second and go over your gratitudes. 


This is what I have learned to be most important, it's the "why" in your emotional journey. After the hight of your emotions are passed, it is always important to reflect on the meaning behind them. For example, your crazy thoughts could have allowed you to have a beautiful walk outside, a rejuvenating workout or a kick in the booty to get yourself back in line. Nothing happens just to bring you down or give you a shot in the heart. It is blessing you with the opportunity to grow and learn. It is all just a mindset, it really is. 

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