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LILLY & camryn

Lilly was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma (form of bone cancer) in 2020, she has proven that she is the strongest, most brave & inspiring woman we know her to be. This collection is here to remind her that she is loved, supported & important to so many of us. 


To the girl that shares the same whacky energy, kind heart & goofy personality as I do... I couldn't imagine my life without you.


We have bonded over singing by the campfire, star gazing in the hammocks of South Dakota (pictured above) or doing any adrenaline chasing activity. We can look at each other and uncontrollably laugh or communicate from opposite sides of the room. She is my soul sister, my little sidekick and someone that I would give my entire life to. 

As I live in Salt Lake City, UT and her in Le Mars, Iowa, there isn't a day we go by without chatting. Whether we are texting, facetiming, calling or writing letters, we always make it a priority to stay in touch, no matter the circumstances. 

We have found a passion for writing letters and love to share our positivity with those in our life. If you have received a letter from Lilly or I, know that we are thinking about you and want to bring some amount of light into your life. 

This is where the LOVE, LILLY collection came from. We wanted to create a collection that was inspired by our shared passion of sending inspiration and love the old fashioned way, handwritten letters.

May you send these postcards to someone you're thinking about and enjoy the process and gift of sending a present from one mailbox to another. 

So Lilly, thank you for sparking my love of letter writing, for living life to the fullest with me & being the best cousin a girl could ask for. 


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