Frequently asked questions

How do I place a new order?

It's Simple! You can order online and design the look you are searching for under the "shop" tab. With that, if you are unable to order what you would like, you have the ability to contact me, and we can custom order your custom design that way.

How can I tell my order is secure?

Once I have received your order, I will email you with the confirmation of your order so you know it's recieved. If you have not received an email within the first 5 days of ordering, email again with your order just to make sure its secure.

Is my personal information safe?

All of your information is in a secure place. No information will be given, shared, or distributed.

What exactly is Camspire?

Camspire is a growing community of people that want to be involved with mental health. Everyone deserves to belong, and we want to give strength to everyone by showing how they can belong, as well as how to be involved in our journey to raise awareness across communities.

I'm interested! How can I get involved?

There are many different ways to get involved with endorsing mental health in your community! Our website provides more than a store and a story: we also provide links to ways that communities, especially ones in Utah, can get involved in working on either supporting or working on mental health in their own lives, and of those around.

Who can get involved?

Anyone! If you think that mental health is important, then Camspire is just one of the many ways to get involved! We want our customers to feel like they can make a change in themselves. We want to not only tell stories, but also hear about your own stories! Reach out to any of our social media sites to learn more about us, as well as how you can tell your story.

Are there students who are currently working at the U on mental health?

Yes, there are a group of students in ENTP 2010 who are working on finding a way to get all students at the U access to resources and find a way to get conected to improve their mental health. A little more about their compaign and goals for the U...


Student Founded Business Camspire Partners with the U to Promote Mental Health Resources

[Salt Lake City, UT, December 3--] A group of U students will launch a new mental health awareness campaign on campus to promote the resources that the U provides. The campaign will be in partnership with the mental health awareness cause-based business Camspire, which will also be funding the campaign. According to U student and Camspire founder Camryn Polansky, “there’s more to mental health than just seeing a therapist. We want to start conversations about all the different ways we can take care of ourselves and live healthy lives.”

If you would like more information about this topic, please call or email Alexander.

to read the full press release... visit here

How can I be a resource?

It's simple! If you want to help spread awareness of mental health resources at the U, here is a flyer you can print out and display on campus or in Salt Lake City.

How will the flyers and posters be funded?

Camspire will provide posters and flyers if you do not want to print your own. Stop by Lassonde Studios to office 1004 to grab one! To make sure we will be in the office when you stop by call or text us!

Lassonde Studios 

Salt Lake City, UT 84112 

Tel: 970-744-9997   

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